Bus shelters are designed and manufactured entirely in our company. With extreme care and attention ATC shelters are modeled using high quality raw materials. The strength of the materials allows safe protection against vandalism and adverse weather conditions and offer a feeling of safety and security.
ATC has a wide variety of customizable shelters and bus stop shelters for all your passenger waiting and smoking shelter needs. ATC can also provides you with several options for your shelter including roof styles and opening configurations. Optional lighting, bench seating, doors, schedule, route information , maps can be located to bus shelters providing more comfort and functionality.
Responding to the needs of our times for renewable energy, ATC proposes new type of shelters equipped with photovoltaic panels.
All our designs can be modified to fit your particular needs.
We can offer our expert advice to clients on the size, quantity and design of products required for each project.

For details click on the images. Each tab contains product variants with various materials .