Company Sectors

ATC TSAMPAS BROS S.A. operates in the following product manufacture sections:

1. ELECTRON: Fittings for networks and various applications

• Fittings for electric power transmission and distribution networks.
• Fittings for railway electrification networks .
• Fittings for telecommunication and fiber-optic networks.
• Pylons and frames for networks.

2. FITTINGS-HARDWARE-SPARE PARTS: Forged and cast metal fittings

- Metal fittings and accessoriesfor various applications inindustry, shipping, army, vehicle manufacturing industry, power transmission and telecommunication networks, electrification, road construction, agricultural and earth-moving machinery construction, belt conveyor systems for the mining industry, building constructions etc.

3. ENERGY: Renewable energy sources

- Biomass burning, storage, transport and management systems for domestic and industrial use.
- Photovoltaic systems.
- Pylons and framesfor small and medium sized wind turbines.

4. POLIS: Urban furniture and outdoors equipment
                Recycling systems

- Urban equipment products combining aesthetics and durability, developed in our design department:
Bollards, fixed and portable railings, benches and seating systems, litter bins, tree guards, tree grilles, drainage grates, grating fences and gates , planters, street lights, signage, information and advertisement posts and boards, shelters and canopies for various uses .
- Waste management and recycling systems.
- Manufacture of products for the collection, compression and transport of recyclable materials and other waste.
- Manufacture of bespoke products (Built to order) .

5. ERGON: Metal and electromechanical constructions

- Machines for special electromechanical requirements.
- Metal buildingsand prefabricated cabins.
- Pylons and framesfor various applications.
- Noise barriers for roads and highways.
- Cabinets (pillars) for electric lighting, natural gas and other uses.
- Advertising stands, product display and classification systems.
- Refrigerators, cold chambers and cooling systems.
- Camping tents (TRB).