The drainage grates and rainwater collection grates consist of the support frame and the grill. The frame is attached to the perimeter flange of the walls of the shaft or the channel.
When ordering, you should specify:
(a) the height and width of the well of the shaft or the channel and the desired external dimensions of the support frame.
(b) the load to be received by the grid (e.g. pedestrians, passenger cars, light or heavy trucks or a combination thereof) according to the table below.

CLASS USE Load concentration on grating area (m2) Dynamic load on load concentration on grating area (kg)

Dense crowd 1,00x1,00 600

Automobile 0,20x0,20 1000
3 Light weight lorries 0,40x0,20 3000

Lorries and articulated trucks 0,65x0,25 9000

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