Production Departments

The company includes the following collaborating production departments, which can also operate independently:

1. Product research and design – materialization of client's plans.
2. Die and jig construction and maintenance.
3. Cold mechanical cutting, drilling and forming (punching, shear, saw, brake     press, press, cylinder, tube bender).
4. Thermal cutting and drilling (plasma, oxygen,laser).
5. Hot metal forming(forging) .
6. Manufacture of cast aluminium and copper alloy fittings.
7. Machining processing (lathe, fraise, drill).
8. Surface treatment (sand blasting, electrostatic and other coatings).
9. Welding to steel, inox, aluminiumalloys (MIG MAG, TIG, electrode, robot).
10.Assembly of engineering, electrical and electronic systems.
11.Quality control.