Tree grilles are available in a wide range of designs and are supplied in two or four segments (depending on the size and shape selected) to be interconnected by bolts. Tree grilles can be installed without a frame providing they are supported on external edges. For easier setting out and laying out of the paving, a tree grill frame is proposed.
The frame adapts to the shape of the hole around the tree. In your inquiry, you should specify the dimensions of the hole on your floor.
Welding tree grilles consist of flat sheets of various dimensions.
Cutting tree grilles are made of CNC cutting steel sheet according to the case-by-case design and ribs of the appropriate height.
All our designs in welding or cutting racks can be modified to fit your particular needs. We can offer our expert advice to clients on the size, quantity and design of products required for each project.
Cast iron grills have specific features (dimensions-design).

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